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 i know i haven't been posting culinaries much these past months, 
since i don't have much to say about them besides taking shots of their prettiness, 
and i've been less fussy about having to either. 
so now i'm making up to it. here are some sugar sweets i tried this week.


i went here with my 3 friends just a few days ago and so i'll be telling the majority opinion.

macarons are just an obligatory order for me.
all 3 of my friends think it's a so-so, but they aren't actually a macaron fan to say.

i would say this is my favorite of what we ordered. it's caramel filled chocolate. 
but the caramel was too sweet for me. 
this got 2/4 votes from us; me and my one other friend.
he said that it had all taste; sweet and salty.

the cafe's favorite was the mango (the one on the left)
but sorry that i didn't get detail pics of it, because like i said, i only take pics of the photogenic ones, 
and that i'm no longer fussy about having to take all pics heheh.
anyways, all 3 of my friends liked that one most.

amber actually has three levels. the first is the bakeshop, second is the library themed restaurant.
we wanted to eat there but since the tables were full, we ate at the bakeshop instead.
and the third floor was the skylounge.


they only had one type of ice cream with different topping choices.
we ordered the beehive and i forgot what that other one is called.
i ordered the honeycomb out of curiousity because i never had one, but the other one tastes better.
but overall it's a so-so, not something i'll be coming back for more.


 i should say i'm disapointed with this lemon tart despite it's rather more appealing form.
i've tasted better ones whereelse

 the sugar tucked on top of this volcano cake made me think something's going to spill out when it's removed. but no. though this one tasted okay.


tried this currently hyping red velvet tart in Grand Indonesia(inside central,
 and ofcourse yes union tastes goood.
my favorite part from it were the crumbles. i didn't had much of it though, i ate the crunchy chocolate tart more.
i would say it's my favorite from them ( the one behind the red velvet)
i didn't take a pic of it again since i had on one of my my old post.
what i like about it (basically everything) is that it's crunchy, the second layer of the tart. 
i like to chew on something crunchy lol.
and the chocolate is dark, also it had some hint of winey or such taste.
last is it has berries on top. i just like the idea of chocolates with berries.

well that's all for now. i'm not sure if i should continue posting culinaries, due to the reasons i said earlier.
do you think i should or shouldn't? let me know :)

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  1. that strawberry macaroon is so cute!

  2. this post makes me so hungry!!
    i really love your photography too,
    please check out my new blog i just started :)

  3. This look so good!!! great pics also


  4. all of that looks so super yummy <3
    xx Ama


  5. Is amber really that good ? Great photos btw and that Ispahan looks mouthwatering :P


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