Trend: Eyelets & Lace-Ups.

8:06 PM

Are you bored of the trend yet? me neither.
Especially after i saw this one piece with the detailed shoulder when usually you only find lace-up
details on the chest. Oh, do you like it to? i found this woman ribbed tops from Tosave.
It's so good for casual days but you can never look plain, so this goes.

Aside from fashion, they also have so many to offer.
I got myself a new matte screen protector because my old one was cracked here and there.
It was so easy to apply! i actually applied it inside the car while it was running,
and although very cheap, i honestly am very satisfied with my new frosted tempered glass protector for iphone.
Number 3, i finally have a flexible tripod in hopes i can vlog better and more now!.
Last but not least, i bet you know those famous unicorn foundation brushes, right? they got 'em too!

Since this is the first post on 2018,
i'd also like to say, in every new beginnings like these, always comes with an ending.
Be thankful for what's gone and let's start afresh! x. 

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4 spoken minds

  1. Cool sweater and you are so beautiful!
    Kisses, Paola.

  2. That sweater is so cute. I love the color of it.

  3. Have a lovely day doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


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