Bali Travel Diary: Nusa Penida.

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Got back home with a full heart-
this trip was very satisfying, though i have to say i was worried at the beginning that it wouldn't be 
because there were too many of us but it turned out great after all, although i still have a lot of list to visit in Bali.
I actually lived there for a short period of time when i was little and we used to go back and forth so many times.

Anyway back to the trip story, at the first day i have no evidence to show because i didn't set the camera right and the pics turned out overexposed-ugh. Well i do have a couple that maybe i'll be posting on my instagram later.

So these pics here are taken on the second day. We woke up early and drove about an hour to the harbour and went to Nusa Penida from our hotel at Seminyak.
We only got to visit Broken beach, Angel Bilabong, Padang-padang beach (which at the time was very low-tide so we decided to not stay there), Crystal bay, and Kelingking beach.

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My favorite would be the Broken beach and Kelingking beach from Nusa Penida (and the whole) trip.
I mostly hang around Kuta usually, but we didn't go there this time 
and i absolutely recommend you to visit  Nusa Penida on your next trip to Bali. 

Yeah, so, see you til' the next sequel of this Bali Travel Diary post.

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