Saturday, November 1, 2014


so this is what i look like when i only have 2 minutes to prepare going out!
my friends and/or big bro alwaysss asks to go out super duper sudden, just like this time, i was painting my nails and suddenly my friend called and said they're downstairs at my house already, so i had to jet ._.


Hi guys! yasssss it's been a while huh?
so the team from challenged me to their #CosmopolitanChic blog challenge and i decided to participate. 
here are my outfit ideas inspired by their venues

this first look will take place at their casino.
i picked this really lovely leopard patterned dress and some lace up booties, i'm currently crazy about them..

this is their Vesper venue, i decided to go all matchy-matchy in purple with it haha!

is at the pool! where we can just lounge around in this cute top and fringey shorts..

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Summer 2014 : Bali / Part 2

remember when i said i'm dividing the Bali videos? so here is the other half of when we went doing watersports. i've actually uploaded it to my Youtube but haven't get the chance to post it here, so, yeah, here it is!