Thursday, October 20, 2016


First off, how pretty is this restroom?!. 
This was originally taken on last late August but because of the low quality of the pics i thought i wouldn't post it, but here it is anyway.
Back to the restroom talk, so, it was basically all marbles and greens, both my favesss!.
So i couldn't help but took pics. Yes, judge me for my love of interiors i'm awright.

Recent updates btw
- My loyal readers would know that i'm currently interning. it'll be ending on Nov.
It's been 3 months already!, how time flies.
- Truth or tales, i will be making some vlogs after the internship is done with a buddy! yays.
- November sure seems like a happy month right now for me, with all those mentioned above, and
surely some getting older celebration awaits *code 911*. 

And, last off, i would really like to know what kind of posts do you enjoy most reading here?
or is there something else you would really like to know, ask me anything on the comments below for
some post input, i'd really love to hear from you! xx.

Monday, October 3, 2016


There's no such thing as too much color or pattern, as long as they're in sync.
Speaking of which i went for pink-purple, and everything in between.
And mentioning patterns, i've always been into handcrafts, including embroided things.
like this bag i got in Bangkok last month.

I've actually been longing for it since i saw them in Bali years ago but the prices were unbelievable,
well maybe not for tourists with higher currency 
-but the ones i got from Bangkok was 4 times less than the ones in Bali.
(sorry to break it to ya if you got yours there hehe).

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkin Spice.

Teatime at the p.m.

matching in warm colors though i didn't plan for it to go as far to my mani.
anyways, i think i'll be ditching heels over mules for a while.
i've always been too lazy for complicated shoes, like lace-ups, no matter how pretty they look,
i'll be thinking over and over again before buying them because.