12:56 AM

say i'm late, but it's better than never right?
finally got to try out their menus..
 baked escargot which undoubtedly tasted great *.*

 and some photogenic sweets, wipe those drools! 
this would be my first eclair. have been wanting to taste some since i first found out the existance of it from a novel few years back.
say, mission accomplished?.

 this matcha cake is so meltyy~

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3 spoken minds

  1. I'm so hungry now, haha:)
    Emma xx

  2. Cute photos! They're very adorable to look at rather than eating it ^^
    Looks so dangerously sweet. I envy you ~

  3. omgg~~ they all look delicious~ even though I just had some cookies,
    I want more sweets now XD


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