Shoes Wishlist

6:30 PM

we can never get enough of good lookin' shoes can't we?!
here are some i've layed my eyes upon..

i've picked four shoes for all different occasions:

1. is for everyday casuals, also because i'm only 160cms so i prefer shoes that adds height yet it's flat which means comfy! (check it out here!)

2. i still can't get enough of ankle boots! (check it out here!)

3. been wanting some chain details, and i fell for the color (check it out here!)

4. also still loving ankle straps, but going for a lighter shade this time, cause mostly mine are in dark hues.(check it out here!)

all these gorgies are from there's way more and i've spend too much time picking that i decided i had to stop!
or else i won't be able to make up my mind because they're just so pretty right :'D

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6 spoken minds

  1. love these shoes! especially the burgundy ones!

  2. amazing blog,I'm new follower hope you can follow me xoxo

  3. ahh that burgundy one is so awesome!
    Emma xx

  4. love the red loafer!

  5. these are all super cute :)


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