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10:34 AM

when was the last time i went to my town's theme park? i was so little i couldn't remember how many years ago it was!
my girlfriends and i went there yesterday and good thing it wasn't very crowded, what made the day tyring was that we took the bus there ;"D
(taking the bus in Jakarta means being pushed all around) especially when we had to go home afterwards.

the sun made me look brow-less D:

thanks for the pics Dione and Vivien!


okay and getting a little serious, i found an account using my pic without permission! tsk-tsk..
as you see, after i commented (left pic) and a friend of mine also commented-but is not in this screen-capture i took- the person wrote "cr to" and deleted our comments. still, she uploaded my pic HALF A YEAR AGO and only wrote creds after i commented. i asked her to take it down but she didn't mind. the pic is still in her profile until now *sigh* 

I'm never going to get used having my pics stolen ok and this is so not cool.
i hate making a fuss of things but i hate it more when my pics are being used by people like it's theirs!

so by this, i'm saying for the first time-and hopefuly last- stop using people's pics without permission, people made an effort and these kind of people just like..what? i can't even come up with words *sighsighsigh*

hope none of my other reader friends are like her? :(

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8 spoken minds

  1. your high waisted shorts are out of this world <3 <3 <3

  2. Absolutely stunning Brenda, I just adore your shorts x


  3. so good!:) xx

  4. Such a cute, natural outfit!! Love it!! Our busses get really crowded only during school/work times, otherwise it's quiet empty :3
    Oh, wow, that sucks when people take the photos without giving credit! They should contact the owner for permission of uploading it first. :/ Totally understand how you feel. Hopefully it'll all work out soon!

    Chic Nikkie

  5. love the basic stripe shirt!


  6. Nice pastel look !


  7. you look so cute! :DD oh God why are there people on ig stealing pics!!

    Pudding Monster


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