Cold Knees

10:34 PM

paid a quick visit to Local Fest yesterday, just to look around. but personally i never really found anything that i'm really into in such fests *the ugly truth* sorry :/ in my opinion only anyways.
i've also been playing around too much, totally excessive this past month and get really sleepy in class because of it :( there's no day that i spent without going out of the houseee, it's just hard to turn down an offer between going out with friends rather than doing your assignments right?! *self defending* lol, but don't worry! yes i still get all of the assignments done in time :'D

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5 spoken minds

  1. you look darn awesome, love it!

  2. super:)) x

  3. i wish i was there! sadly i didn't come because of mid term test T-T
    love your outfit btw!



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