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Hey guys Happy Lunar New Year!
i had a great CNY Eve's dinner last night at Furama, though it was heck of a long event and they 
serve the food one by one, i was so hungry waiting for the food to be served!.

this is irrelevent though. my friend knew i like baked rice and she recommended me to try Zenbu 
loooooong ago, but i 've just tried it for the first time last week.

 they tasted awesome, but i wont say they have the best sushi.
if you like baked rice, i assure you have to try them if you haven't too!

by the way, have you heard about foodpanda? i've just found out i had to share with you guys.
it's an online food delivery service already operating in 4 cities; Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali.
and has worked with more than 600 restaurants all over Indonesia.
they even have their own smartphone application! how cool is that? especially in this weather when
 we're just too lazy to go out and buy food right? they'll simply be delivered to your door!.

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3 spoken minds

  1. so nice!

  2. woww everything looks so delicious!! great photos as well!

  3. MMM all these meals look very delicious! I love to use foodpanda app, it's so intuitive and easy to make the order.

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