11:54 PM

assignments has been crazy these past few weeks!
so on this one-assignment-free day i NEED to get out and have a cafe therapy before i get back on it tomorrow hahahah.
tried Crematology at Senopati today and i have to say those mac n cheese balls are gewdd, 
my two friends agreed too---yuuum.
and bye now, cause i need to get up early again tomorrow ;'D

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9 spoken minds

  1. Oh, this is really pretty Brenda, and those waffles just look amazing! x

  2. Food looks good! Good luck for the assignments!

    Big Dreamer

  3. Lovely photos, dear! I like your marble cover (:
    Nice blog!

  4. Everything has a good aspect
    love it

    new post

  5. What an amazing outfit! xo

  6. You look adorable in that floral print. Love the pink bucket bag! And that waffle looks so good!

    xx freshfizzle

  7. That looks like a wonderful cafe. I adore your outfit too c:
    Good luck on those assignments!

    xxx The Mad Twins


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