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had my last 5th semester finals today and i'm so ready to get into all the festive Christmas spirit!,
but let me still wear all black today k.
i still have some more assignments to hand in though, and haven't been having enough sleep, still.

also, as the year ending soon, it seems like nothing has changed that much but if you look back,
everything is different ,don't you think?.
like, there's always so many things we are thankful for and too much blessings this whole year
(just like all of them years passed).
really relating to Little Mix's Clued up here where the lyrics kinda get to me

Guard up to opinions then let 'em in
Tear me down, want to see me drown
Like being happy is such a sin, uh huh

And now I'm older, it's never over
It don't stop affecting me, the world keeps testing me
I'm getting on track with every knock back
On a bad day, I just gotta stay, stay, stay, stay.

and i'd like to quote from a post i stumbled on that says:
God didn't give you the strenght to get back on your feet 
so you can run back to the same thing that knocked you down.

it's like everytime we feel we've learned something more and we matured,
but the process never stops and i just get curious how much more we will change.

sorry if i'm being too philosophical or anything here,
but hey you(who has been reading my blog since the first days, or just any few posts ago can tell/) 
know that i rarely blabber much and i think i should be writting more, with hope y'all can get a little something too.
and too minimize me being round and round talking nonsense i guess it's better to quote to get to the point anyways.

wishing y'all happy holidays too!
i guess lots of Christmas dinners are coming up and i'll be posting culinaries if i can k ;)

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  1. You are so cute! Love your outfit! Enjoy your holiday
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. nice outfit! you look chic

  3. simply but still look good tho.
    anw, good luck for your college-life!



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