Detox Diaries: Makeup.

2:38 PM

Notice how i wear less and less makeup?
Though i never was the type of person to wear layers of makeup, 
i started to notice how by simply not wearing an eyebrow pencil has made me not confident to step out from home.
Then i started not wearing any makeup, just when leaving for the gym when it was in the morning and no one would care, or nobody i know of - since about last year.
Now i've grown to get used to not wearing them without feeling anxious, 
but that doesn't mean i don't do makeup at all, since i'm also an onstage singer which requires me to do so.

I think it's really important not to have your identity tied to anything else in this world and doing the things i just said has made me mentally free.
I encourage you to try if you've been feeling the same! 

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