Last Of Summer

11:12 PM

This summer was quite well-spent for me, i tried going to the gym, even if it was only for two weeks
with my buds, and i can say that the gym was like my happy place! haha. 
seriously, maybe basically it's just because i like sports.
then i finally tried rafting too, at the end of the holiday, literally the last day, and got tanned.
summer was always a battle between wanting to go out in the sun, but hating to get tanned, for me :(

not yet having enough of summer and tropical prints, so having them on denim is a pretty good idea to be wearing them on more occasions!

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7 spoken minds

  1. ooh what a cute dress!
    sounds like you had a wonderful summer, Brenda
    I love gym too! I go to the gym 2 times a week and once a week I'd go swimming at my parents' house :)
    so fun to stay active

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. The dress is really pretty , and I love the jellies! :)

  3. love the dress :3
    do not forget your sunblock dear ^^

    Sambil Jajan
    Fresh Cappucinno ♥


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