12:54 AM

There's no such thing as too much color or pattern, as long as they're in sync.
Speaking of which i went for pink-purple, and everything in between.
And mentioning patterns, i've always been into handcrafts, including embroided things.
like this bag i got in Bangkok last month.

I've actually been longing for it since i saw them in Bali years ago but the prices were unbelievable,
well maybe not for tourists with higher currency 
-but the ones i got from Bangkok was 4 times less than the ones in Bali.
(sorry to break it to ya if you got yours there hehe).

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  1. nice look..


  2. Anonymous4/10/16 16:47

    I totally agree with your first sentence: There's no such thing as too much color or pattern as long as they are in sync. Your outfit is totally fab.

    Inez | My Small World

  3. I really love the mix of colors in this outfit!

  4. love your beautiful outfit! xO!



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