Jade Hair Straightening Brush (+Giveaway)

1:40 PM

Say goodbye now to your old hair straighteners for this new brush!
uh, yes! brush!. how convenient does that sound?!
now you don't have to add anymore routines other than brushing your hair as usual, 
all you need is this, like, can i say best hair straightening brush?.

btw, you can test this Jade Brush on your own for i am giving it away to one lucky winner!
all you have to do is:

- follow this blog via google / bloglovin 
(button on the right side of this blog) +1 point
- follow my instagram @evansbrenda +1 point
- repost the instagram giveaway post +3 points
- leave a comment if you've done those above on my instagram post 

and that is all!
Winners will be announced by the end of January 2017
( Indonesian residents only )

Review of this Brush will be up on the next blogpost,
see you then and goodluck!

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  8. Actually Karmin is my favorite.

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