10:29 AM

Location : Art Science Museum, Singapore.

Hi!, how have you guys been doing?.
Well i'm in my last semester now and have been busy doing researches for my last uni project,
including doing another internship just for a month tho, going to seminars, organization events, 
attending my dear friends' graduations, and such.
so i haven't had time to put up some post.

What about you?
I believe we all are busy and putting up with our priorities.
Even so, it is important for us to keep balance.
That's why i always make a me-time once a week at the very least,
if not i'd feel drained and uncontent even if when what i did was going out with friends a week long.

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5 spoken minds

  1. once you complete everything and graduate, believe me everything will be paid off and you'll have lots of quality time with yourself. good luck! :D

    Cikita |

  2. nice photos!
    what the exhibition is about?
    style frontier

  3. the gallery looks cool! I'll be visiting singapore soon so I might pay a visit. and yes, me time is crucial for our survival! :D

  4. The colours are so calming here~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE



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