Detox Diaries: Caffeine.

9:26 PM

Everyone who knows me knows that i'm a caffeine freak,
though that doesn't mean i validate myself to drink cups over cups of them everyday.
I limit myself to a max of 2.

Every year i would go coffee-free,
in 2016 i went about 3 months++. It was hard at first but then i find myself getting used to it,
and that's when i know i can start drinking them again.
Then last year, 2017 i only went a month not having my daily cup.
And honestly even though that period of time was shorter, it was harder because i was counting day-by-day,
waiting for a month to go by,
while on those 3 months i didn't really have a target; just as long as i could go.
And this year, well, i only went 5 days because i didn't really see the need yet for a longer period.
But maybe this year i can go with a shorter period- yet more frequently 
(i just got that idea while writting this).

So, if i could share with you some of the changes i noticed while cutting off coffee are:
1. No Mid-Day Crash
You know that time around 2-3p.m your eyes just get so heavy? yeah that stopped.

2. Less Sugar Craving
I'm a sweet tooth! and i honestly crave less of 'em.

3. Clearer Skin
I've read articles saying that caffeine in coffee can dehydrate your skin as well, when consumed too much.

These are just some, but i only mention the ones that i experience.
Aside from the cons, we know that coffee is also beneficial, like for me,
i am overly bothered if i do not serve myself every morning, so it sets me in a good mood. 
Then we all also know that coffee suppresses appetite, and i also read something like it's better than tea for good metabolism on lean people ( not sure of this though, so you better do your own research too).

Hopefully what i shared here helps if you are planning to try giving your body a rest from them too!.

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4 spoken minds

  1. Yummy, that coffee looks good

  2. Aw, such a nice picture, did you take the pictures? The coffee looks good! xoxo

  3. mmm!! Yummy <33 I love it ;)

  4. Oh, I did that too a few times and every time, especially within the first dew days, the headaches were killing me.. But, as you said, you get used to it and don't crave it any more. Right now I just try to have moderate caffeine intake.


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