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7:05 AM

Remember in this post where i said i was thinking of  something that i couldn't share then?
Here i'm sharing about it now.

So back then, i have been thinking to get out of my 9 to 6 (to most of you 9 to 5) job
but i didn't want the decision to be based on my feelings or rushing from my appointed time,
so i endured.

But as time goes by, which i have been wrestling in my thoughts for about two months,
and prayed about it, The Lord has been telling me numerous times that it is time.

So long story short, i didn't want to be a disobedient kid, 
and i resigned after He gave me such detailed information that it is what He tells me to do,
and that He purposely made me uncomfortable so that i wouldn't get stuck there.
(note: also friends i believe is spiritually wise that confirms the same things, do not ask opinions to 
people who is spiritually immature or never been to where you are going)

So i gave in my letter, without knowing what to do next, 
and just really trusting that if He told me to do so, He'll give me a better plan.
And yes He is faithful, 
not even having to wait til' my one-month notice to end,
He has given me another job, just like that, 
in which i can work from anywhere i want to (mobile).

Andddd straight after that, he even gave me this time to go again to Bali,
which is just a very unplanned and a spontaneous thing i had to do.
Even though it's not technically a real holiday, yet still personally for me it shows how detailed 
He has set everything up if we listen because all His plans for us is for our own good.


I hope what i'm sharing may confirm something to you, 
not just based on what you feel you want to do.
But if you ask Jesus to lead your way, he won't ever leave you confused.

shades are from @sunsetbaliglasses

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