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 wow, it was 2019 when i last posted a blog! and it kinda surprise me that i still had an entry at that time, i thought i have completely neglected this blog.. if there are still any of you friends who's reading or subscribing to my entries, i'd like to let you know, though, that i am not planning on being consistent here anymore, and that doesn't mean that i stopped creating contents.. i have been always delivering works, even though it has been thru many different outlets, like my job as a copywriter/editor/brand manager, and have felt strongly that The Lord wants me to start sharing videos on youtube, so if you are interested in still going on my journey, we defs still can do that together there!

also, my old instagram was removed without my consent about 1.5 years ago,
so i've been using my second account @by_evansbrenda.

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