2018 Skin Care Favorites.

3:49 PM

I know it's too early in the year to mention favorites as of,
and can certainly change and update later on.
Also because my skin can never commit to a product for too long.
They can work wonders for a while before my skin decided they won't respond anymore.
Does anyone go through these things too?

But here are ones that have been helping me at least this past year:

  1.  OXY acne cover.
    I bought in Malaysia last year which i find helpful because not only it helps cure acne but also covers them with a skin tone!
  2. Tea Tree Oil.
    I have been using the one from Body Shop for years now, but not so often anymore.
    They really helped to calm redness from breakouts then.
  3. Purivera Rice Bran Oil.
    This one's a local, Indonesian brand and pocket friendly!
    Before, i had an acne prone skin and now flaky dry (ugh), so i started trying oils as moisturisers, also as a make-up remover.
  4. Bali Alus.
    I didn't actually expect this to be a good product at first, i just really liked the packaging! and so i bought it last year on my trip in Bali. So this is a face scrub, which i can say probably safe for sensitive skin because mine's safe, at least.
  5. Green Tea Body Butter.
    Another random buy from Bali just because of the packaging, which is sooo hydrating! and fragrant! the green color is kinda creepy for me though, added coloring without a doubt, while i prefer things unartificial. But still, love how moisturising this is.

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  1. I've heard so many thing about tea tree oil..I really need to try it!



  2. I hadn't heard about these products! Need to keep an eye out for them!
    Maria Eugenia ☀

  3. This looks great babe thanks for sharing x

  4. so nice post dear :) like it :)



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