How I Motivate Myself To Working-Out.

2:30 PM

Well, you're skinny already, why do you need to go to the gym?,

if i were you, i'd eat anything without thinking! 

Are the exact sentences that have been thrown at me.
My argument, is losing weight the only reason behind excercising?
I've always been an active person since i was a child;
I did ballet, basketball, swimming, badminton, and i love them all!
Studies also show that excercising makes you happy! and i agree a hundred percent with that.
So, even in my very busy schedule i would always squeeze in time for the gym,
because even though my weight is already stuck at this point, i just love to get moving.

But whatever your reason is,
you cannot maintain what you don't enjoy.
"what you keep up with, you end up with"
And that does not mean that there aren't times i'd want to skip,
i do have some weeks of absence, but i still cannot wait to get back because of the reasons i've said.

Here are my ways to counter-act when i do not feel like sweating:

  1. Support System
    I started to gain weight in high school but didn't realise until a friend pointed it out, but still pushed me to eat whatever. From there, i started seeing that people and voices around you are big roles for this journey (or any other). I then started to make wiser food decisions.
    Then 3 years ago, a friend in my squad's just really a gym freak and i started to try as well.
    That's how i ended up being a gym member. So, what i can say is, surround yourself with people who have the same goals, those who actually take action, not always only speaking and planning!
  2. Baby Steps
    Since i'm already used to and loves moving, i didn't see going to the gym as a burden. But if you are just starting, don't force yourself to go everyday. Just pick what kind of excercise you like and stick with it. As for me, if my schedule is really tight i don't force myself to go 2-3 times a week, sometimes even only once!
  3. Fashion
    This, seriously was my core motivation that time in high school that i've mentioned. 
    I love cute clothes! but oh, it looks flattering if you're fitter.
  4. Get Packing
    I prepare my gym clothes the night before, and really, i just stick to what i said to myself that i would do. Not going to let myself down by breaking my own promise, that's it.
    You can also try putting on your workout clothes even when you don't feel like excercising, that way you'd feel like it's such a waste and end up working-out in the end?! Only you can answer that.

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  1. Great reasons babe, totally agree!
    Kisses, Paola.

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  4. I´m agree dear!!!

  5. Rock climbing looks so fun, I want to go

  6. That's a good one, because I never get motivated xx

  7. Anonymous14/4/18 23:23

    Wow! This is so inspirational!

    Mihaailo |

  8. Aw great tips, this is so helpful! I'd love to try rock climbing one day, I love to try and find fun things to do when working out, even painting the house is a good one haha! Love your blog, following you on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

  9. Seriously this post was so needed! Thank you!

    x Lisa |

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