Bromo Photo Diary.

9:46 PM

Went here the first time when i was so little, i only stayed in the hotel
because what kind of kid stays up all night?

So we took a night flight, and have no time to sleep,
landed in Surabaya, drove to Probolinggo, and went straight to the top to see the sunrise.

The chilliness make me itch, especially my toes and fingers! they were fat and red.
I couldn't imagine travelling to countries with winter, how much worse will i itch? lol.

I'm falling for my country, Indonesia more and more as i grow older.
There are still so many places i need to visit, especially the beaches!
What's your favorite place that you've been or wish to go here?

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9 spoken minds

  1. Amazing pics, great view!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. Love these photos!
    María Eugenia

  3. What an incredible view, I wish I was there

  4. Wow!! So cool photos dear ;)

  5. Have a lovely dauy doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. Looks so pretty there! I love the photos.

  7. What a perfect pictures!! They look like pictures on magazines or calender! Seems like you had very good time there.


  8. Such a lovely post and loving all the photos - looks like a great experience and really relaxing too!

    Layla x


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