Glamping Experience.

8:55 PM

 I'm really starting to love local nature getaways more these past years.
Growing up in a multi-cultural school makes me always wanting to go,go,go everywhere out of the country. 
But lately i've been more and moree grateful to be discovering more and more of the beauty of the country i'm born in.

So, a few days ago i went for another really short getaway, to Lembang 
(if you're curious of the place, check out the tagged place on my insta pic).
Just a little sad that i woke up with an irritated eye and couldn't see right at the sunset, 
i was actually closing my eyes in that pic!

And i ate ribs for two days in a row, also wearing that pop bright tee which states my mind;
 just an update of which no one cares :)

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4 spoken minds

  1. totally know what you mean! I have been drawn into local travels too. Indonesia is so beautiful we'd be missing out if we never traveled it

  2. Absolutely stunning look! Perfect shirt! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week!
    Much love, Len

  3. This looks so amazing, I want to go glamping

  4. Oh very beautiful shots darling!
    I hope you can keep traveling aroung your country


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