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the pastor at church told a story which i find inspiring today and i'd like to share with you guys.
he told us the story of a few people who became a blessing for others around them.
the first person i'm retelling is Jack Eckerd, an owner of  a very successful drugstore chain.
he didn't know God at first, but after he tried going to church and was "touched" , his life changes.
he started living in God's ways and refuses to have porn magazines being sold at his store, 
he asked his friends to follow but they laughed. because selling those magazines give a really big profit.
but Jack is persistent and choose to follow God's ways than riches.
but then his drugstores became even more successful because mothers don't worry anymore to bring their
 children and gave him even more visitors.after that not little of other stores followed his steps.

now the second story is about a man with a different situation. Bai Fang Li isn't a rich man,
he was a pedicab (becak) driver in Tianjin. one day he saw a child finding food in the trash for his younger siblings. 
that kid was only 6. he then brought the kid to an orphanage, but the orphanage refuses to take them in
saying the place is full and they can't pay the living for those kids because no one contributes for them.
he then said that he will contribute every month to the orphanage and tried to make them change their minds. 
after that, he spent his life contributing until his death at 93 years old, and if we calculate all his donations , 
it reaches about RMB 350.000 ( Rp 455 million).
actually there were a lot of other stories the pastor told, but i hope these stories are enough to inspire you
 guys too! let's all be a blessing to others :) by the way,  don't forget to join my dress giveaway on the prev post!.

GAP jeans | ZARA sweater | OASIS bag | RICCINO heels

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  1. super loving this ensemble! cool from head to toe :) such inspiring stories!

    Pudding Monster


  2. Hello my dear!
    Cute outfit !
    And nice shooots!
    Have a lovely sunday!

  3. you look AWESOME! great items :)

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  4. I think i love just about everything in this look. The simple white top with printed pants, chic handbag, mixed with a sporty black hat. Cool.

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  5. id like to invite you to my OASAP giveaway


  6. WOW chic girl!!! you look awesome!!

  7. cute outfit brenda you have definitely got an amazing blog, love!!


  8. Your blog is genius. Love our photos! They are really good!
    Let me know if you want to follow each other :)

  9. You are incredibly pretty...gonna pin your look for later inspiration

  10. Your bag is so chic dear! I love this whole look and the funky twist with the baseball cap. :)
    Following you now via GFC. Now it's your turn? Thanks in advance!

    xx, Mela

  11. Gorgeous look from up to toe. I love your bag <3


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