Trapped in my mind

4:00 PM

so the title has nothing to do with anything, it's just a song that keeps playing in my head recently. "trapped" by Henry of SuJu :P
(and also because i can't think of a blogpost title hee..).

i'm kind of sad that Mcountdown jakarta has been canceled. booo.. because i was hoping to see B1A4 againnn D:
i also ordered the-most-perfect-clearflatform online and after waiting for quite some time, i was told that it's out of stock..
hope you guys aren't in "bad luck" like i am? :)

new look turtle neck | distressed jeans from china | my old barbie clear clutch | diva cateyes

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18 spoken minds

  1. Anonymous6/7/13 17:13

    Beautiful and casual chic <3 Love your top!

  2. great bag!:)
    new post on my blog, kisses from Poland:]]

  3. chic jeans!

  4. I also love Henry's song! And the performances where all great~ He's such a cutie :'3
    Speaking of cuties... I love your side-picture! So, so cute :D

    Have a nice weekend,

  5. u have interesting blog dear.. lovely!
    do u want follow each other?
    let me know


  6. aaah brendaa! you have such a nice hair! love your bag anyway, it's so cuttttteeee! and your peplum top is also adorbs xx

  7. Love your peplum t-shirt, amazing color and looks great on you :))


  8. omg cakep banget bre!!<3
    love the 1st photo and adore your shirt and your old clutch!!<3
    clutchnya mau donggg lucuu bangettt :p

  9. just found this awesome blog of yours and turned that I love your style just a second after scrolling my cursor to see your outfit photos! <3

    xoxo from Japan,

  10. I have been wanting more scuffed up jeans! Yours are lovely, especially as they are cropped! xx

  11. nice outfit !! i love your peplum and remind me itu your cluth tempat pencil bukan ya?? heheei have one

  12. You look so beautiful! <3 Great outfit!

    Visit my blog

  13. cool jeans!


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