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as promised on my prev blogpost that i'll share my Christmas meals, here it is!.

visited this mini fine-dining cafe in Pondok Indah for our early Christmas dinner on 23rd, located in a street foodcourt.
none of us knew where it was, a friend recomended it and we went there since the other restaurant where we planned to go to 
was full booked because we were lateee to book.

We had a really long (2 hours) traffic journey on road and seeing the place, which we didn't expect it would be that small, 
you can say we were pretty much dissapointed, not to mention some of my friends dressed up in skirts and heels to add to that list,
luckily i went casual that day.
My friend even wanted to move right away to a mal nearby, but then i said it was already late anyways and everyone is hungry, 
so we decided to give it a try.

they only have 3 packages on their menu,
here are the appetizers:

i don't remember the name(like always, because i let my friends order for me most of the time)
but this was from the no.1 set, which is just shrimp and vegs, but underneath there's a dark sauce which i think tastes good, 
my friend said it tastes like salted butter and she didn't like it though.

and here are the other two appetizers from the other sets which my friends ordered.

the main meal: mine's salmooon, while the other two sets have steak and roasted duck.
when we started tasting them, we began to think this place wasn't that bad after all!

lastly, here is the yummyyummy dessert.
just. see. how. it. melts. and imagine it in your tounge hahahahahhahah.

by the way, you can switch menus from other sets,
like if you want the appetizer and mains from set 1 but interested in the dessert from set 2 or 3,
you can request and trade.

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  1. wow...they look so good! hope u have a lovely christmas! :)


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