The Perfect Gift.

11:27 PM

Have we forgotten
With all the rushing around
With all the shops and the cars and the chaos in this town
Have we forgotten
We need some sorting out
Clear our minds we will find what the story is all about

Ooh, He was the perfect gift
Ooh, He came to bring us peace
Ooh, holy child, our King

Do we remember
The wonders of his love
Will our voices join with the courous up above
Do we remeber how on the silent night
There was a baby who came to recall us back to life.


Hope y'all having a jolly and warm Christmas with your loved ones!
and not forget the main reason of this celebration,
always have time to spend with Him as we make time for our dearest fams and mates.
Happy Holidays! xx.

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4 spoken minds

  1. Merry Christmas!
    Love your outfit as always :D

    Big Dreamer

  2. Merry christmas!
    such a cute outfit

    See my new tutorial | WARM WINTER MAKEUP


  3. Cute playsuit, you look gorgeous (:

  4. you look so cute in this playsuit! merry christmas!

    Pudding Monster


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