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arrived in the evening at Bangkok and got ourselves a cab driver who turned out to double up the argo, wasn't the first impression we expected, but well there's always people like that anywhere.
we had a 10 a.m flight so i had to wake up at 6 and managed to have my very first real meal at 7 pm!,
so my tummy was acting up, and the rest of the trip was also filled with late meal schedules because we were chasing time to get from one place to another since it was only a four day trip.

these pics of day two were taken at Swiss Sheep Farm and Santorini Park,
i regret having only chicken rice for breakfast everyday, because that was the only meal possible to take away and eat in the car, what can i do :/
but i can't say that's a bad thing too because they were goood, i just wished i tried more thai foods.

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  1. Anonymous3/9/16 17:29

    Simple and really pretty! Love your shorts <3
    Instagram: @kesly_winona

  2. cute outfit i love your shirt


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