Malaysia Travel Diary #2.

4:39 PM

I read a quote that says,
"When nothing is sure, anything is possible".

Which empowers me somehow.
being aware of  the uncertainty of the future,
we often worry and our minds wanders beyond of things we can't control,

But when the future is not sure, it is sure that anything is possible.

Like this trip i had, as i said (or did i not?)
that it was a random trip with friends of freinds that i didn't know well
and in the middle of my final uni project,
i was blessed to ease off a couple days for this vacay.

The uncertainty is just some gift yet to be discovered.


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5 spoken minds

  1. looks like you had such a fun time on this trip to Malaysia! all the best with your assessments as well. You look lovely as always, hope you've been well! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. your outfit looks super comfy for an all day out! glad you had a great time. such a positive attitude you have there, way to go, girl!

  3. Really love your photos, and that bag is so cute! )

    blog: MyBlondeGal
    insta: @myblondegal

  4. Hope you had a great time!


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