Bali Travel Diary: Mrs. Sippy.

10:25 AM

Had a nice time swimming and snacking here at Mrs.Sippy.
The entering fee is idr.100k and it already includes a table plus food or beverage of your choice that costs idr100k on the menu, but you can add up to it. So the entering fee is basically like a deposit.
The black jumpsuit was bought at pusat oleh-oleh Airlangga with a great price, it's really comfy too.
But do you remember my brown velvet slides i posted that i got from Zalora? yeah so i left those Nicholas Edisons on the last day at our villa :/ i loved those slides..
Then, after swimming i changed to those striped bow top. The bow are actually the sleeves, it's a two-way kind of top.

Which look do you prefer? comment down below :D
Hype them up too on the button below them.

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